Proposed Merger with Hanway Medical Practice

FAQ Updated - 17/01/2020

We would like to apologise to our patients for any confusion caused by the text message sent yesterday regarding the proposed merge with Hanway Medical Centre in which we provided a link to our FAQ which stated that we planned to extend our site at Kingston Crescent to create an additional 10 rooms. 

 Whilst this had been part of our original plans, following a more detailed project evaluation carried out in the last two weeks, it is not, at this stage, considered the best use of valuable NHS resources to extend Kingston Crescent surgery as the money which would be required to complete an extension to the building could be better spent directly on improving patient care.

 Kingston Crescent Surgery was originally built to accommodate many more patients than are currently cared for there and, if the proposed merger is approved, we have now developed plans to reconfigure the building internally to create more clinical rooms at a much lower cost and also to change the way that appointments are delivered, offering appointments throughout the day, from 8am to 6pm, rather than limiting it to the traditional morning and afternoon sessions.  This is a new and innovative approach to ensuring that best use is made of the building, whilst also giving you, our patients, greater choice.

 The decision not to extend will be kept under review and there is the potential for extension plans if there are space issues in the future.